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J. Manley - the artist

Jacques Manley, painter of Italian heritage, born in 1949 in Naples, Italy, educated at the School of Fine Arts, worked as an interior architect during several years. Today he applies his education in architecture to develop himself in all painting techniques, from sketching and perspective for his trompe l’oeil artworks to classical and modern murals.

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Command your portrait

You can command your portrait or the portrait of your family, friends, your animals by sending a photograph of good qualitiy. It will be executed in oil, water-color or pencil, format 30 x 40 (minimum) or larger if you want.

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Oil on canvas – 33 x 41

Watercolor (framed) - 26 x 38

Pencil drawings (framed) - 26 x 38

Pastel (framed) - 26 x 38

600 EUR

750 EUR

500 EUR

700 EUR


Fee will vary based on subject.


Fee structure for trompe-l'lœil based on subject (examples):

Sky with a few clouds

100 EUR /m2

Beach with seagulls
210 EUR /m2
English garden with a fountain and a parrot
450 EUR /m2
Street scenery with homes, people and animals
620 EUR /m2
Arch with sea life
660 EUR /m2
Still life behind fountains and marble columns
850 EUR /m2


For additional information or ideas,
please contact me by e-mail or by phone.


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